Multimodal Transportation

Easy On-Boarding to Modern Freight Forwarding

The ideal freight forwarder subtracts complexity while adding visibility, starting with your first shipment. Get your hands on D2D Logistics dashboard. Gain support from our team. Lead the way with an agile supply chain—across air, ocean, and land—that responds to you. We are expert in Supply Chain Management between Pakistan, UAE and other Gulf Countries.

Ocean Freight

From FCL, LCL, to Ocean Match’s hybrid solution and our premium services, D2D Logistics can balance speed and cost to meet your needs. Work with us to maximize on-time performance and inventory planning at every step for your import / export shipments.

Air Freight

Tap into more data and new options to optimize your air strategy, cut waste, and add ROI. D2D Logistics platform turns air events into actionable information. And our robust global network of capacity and seasoned experts give you agile solutions to fit your specific business needs.

Road Transportation

D2D Logistics offers best solution for Road Transportation. Truck freight includes integrated tracking tools carried by a network of quality trucking partners for end-to-end transparency on destination either for Export or Import Shipments.

At D2D Logistics our customized supply chain solutions optimize every point of your operation from end-to-end.

The success of your business comes down to how resilient your supply chain management is. D2D Logistics is the third party Logistics (3PL) provider in the industry to offer a unique portfolio of solutions that includes dedicated warehousing & Distribution Management, Transportation Logistics, E‑commerce Fulfillment and last mile delivery. These solutions together with our expert engineers and innovative supply chain technology and automation give you complete supply chain visibility, predictive analytics, and continuous improvement. As a result, you benefit from supply chain optimization that increases efficiency and flexibility, while lowering costs.

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D2D Logistics offers specialized solutions tailored to your operations, production, and market demands.

Wide Range of Goods Shipped by D2D Logistics
From Cars, Perishables to Pharmaceuticals, D2D Logistics ships even the most challenging types of goods globally

Companies who have partnered with D2D Logistics for 3PL solutions experience

Predictive planning through D2D Logistics, our industry‑leading visibility and collaboration tools.

Through network design, optimization and innovative technology.

Access to industry‑leading tools and analytics, re‑engineering, and network flow analysis.

Global Logistics Network

Global Logistics Network
Multimodal Transportation

Multi-Model Transporation
Multimodal transport is the transportation of goods under a single contract, but performed with at least two different modes of transport; the carrier is liable for the entire carriage, even though it is performed by several different modes of transport.

Specialized Supply Chain Management Between Below Countries