“Antidumping Project” Go-Live Announcement

Dubai Customs is pleased to announce that Mirsal system (a comprehensive electronic Customs declaration system developed by Dubai Customs that facilitates legitimate trade movement) has now been enhanced, effective from 1st Oct, 2023, related to Antidumping functionalities, including automatic calculation, smooth collection, tracking, refund, accounting and transfer of Antidumping and Safeguard charges.

Following are the key features developed in Mirsal system in this regard.
•    Introduce Antidumping Tariff Master to configure and setup HS Codes, tariff rates and calculation methods based on Origin/Exporter Countries and Manufacturer/Exporter combinations.
•    Identify and auto-calculate antidumping and safeguard charges, wherever applicable, during submission of declarations. Thus, manual calculation of these charges by CDM is now no longer required and will be discontinued.
•    Facilitate collection of these newly introduced charges through all standard collection modes currently available to customers in Mirsal system.
•    Provide facility of claim submission for these new charges, resulting in verification and approval of refund settlements on these charges. Further, forfeiture and waiver functionalities are also introduced for these charges if claim is not submitted within stipulated time.
•    Enable Post clearance audit system to conduct audit and raise short collection demand notice on these new charges, if any, during the course of audit.
•    Provide facility in Finance system to realize actual collection, refund, waiving of antidumping and safeguard charges and to post these charges to separate GL accounts for easy tracking, reporting and transfer to Ministry of Economy as per agreed shared percentage.

Thursday, 28 September 2023